The difference between metal wall covering and traditional materials

metal wall covering
metal wall covering

Comparison of metal wallpaper and traditional wallpaper

1. Performance

a. Physical properties

Metal wall coverings are easy to store and have a long shelf life during storage and transportation.

Fire standard: The metal wall cloth has a fire rating of Class A, and has an official Class A fire test report.

Ordinary wallpaper is easy to be damaged and scratched, and it is easy to fade and fall off after a long time.

b. Chemical properties

The metal wall cloth is green and environmentally friendly. The product is made of metal medium and made of metal. It is woven in a variety of ways and has strong stability.

Ordinary wallpaper is susceptible to moisture, mildew, anti-alkali, and water insufficiency, which affects the decorative quality.

2. Advantages and disadvantages

a. metal wall covering

Metal wall cloth is a metal material, its surface is woven printing, the surface is flat, the texture is fine, it has the luster of pearl and silk, and it is waterproof and fireproof, antistatic, not easy to adhere to dust, strong antifouling, and has good moisture resistance, Antibacterial properties, not easy to grow insects, not easy to age, long life, good stability.

b,.traditional wall covering

Traditional wallpapers are prone to peeling, moldy, and cannot be washed with water, and traditional wallpapers are afraid of moisture and require special cleaning agents to clean, which is relatively troublesome to clean, has poor stability, and fades over time.

3. Process comparison

The metal wall covering process is more troublesome and takes longer to make than ordinary metal wall coverings. Weaving generally has seven or eight processes, but you can move in immediately after the construction is completed.

The traditional wallpaper only needs a simple production process, but generally after the construction is completed, formaldehyde needs to be removed before moving in.

4. Price comparison

Metal wall coverings are made of metal materials, equipment and craftsmanship. The commonly used materials are silver wire, copper wire and stainless steel wire criss-cross woven stool. Different materials have different prices. Different patterns show different effects, and the difficulty of weaving is also one of the important factors affecting the price.

The price of traditional wallpaper is not the same due to different raw materials, but the commonly used price is relatively low.
However, although the process of metal wallpaper is complicated, its construction operation is relatively simple, technical and simple to operate. Traditional wallpaper splicing is often a headache and time-consuming.

5. Scope of application

Metal wall covering is suitable for cement base surface, ceramic surface, wood surface, metal surface and glass surface, and has a wide range of applications.

Traditional wallpaper requires a high level of foundation, and the foundation needs moisture-proof treatment, and the application range is limited.

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