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Gecho,as the supplier of decorative metal fabric ,has a professional factory and an experienced sales team. Both could be trusted .Our factory utilizes the latest technology and new material that employs the ultimate in durability and flexibility .The main products includes woven wire metal fabric ,coil drapery ,stainless steel rope mesh ,elevator fabric metallic cloth etc .

Product Categories


Architectural Woven Wire Mesh

spiral weave mesh

Spiral Weave Mesh

metal coil drapery

Metal Coil Drapery

laminated glass metal mesh

Laminated Glass Metal Mesh

stainless steel rope mesh

Stainless Steel Rope Mesh

woven wire drapery

Woven Wire Drapery

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We are excellent supplier of the
Metal Wire Mesh.We provide not
only accessories and accessories system solutions.Our pursuit of excellent quality,to create the perfect project.

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We have our own technical team who can develop new products or customized the new style you want.We have rich experience, advanced technology and reliable quality.

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We have lots of cases in the world.We are honest,serious,and good credit, have good reputation at home and abroad. Our products are sold all over the world.

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