Wide Use

metal Mesh Applications

Our architectural woven metal mesh enjoys a wide range of application, such as fireplace, shower curtain, suspended ceiling, decorative lighting, partition walls, wall covering, sunshades, elevators, animal enclosure in the zoo, wall cladding for climbing plants, sports fencing, bridge guardrails, to name but a few.

Ceiling Panels

Ceiling decoration is an important application of various metal fabric.

Wall Covering

Metal is the ultimate wall covering, ideal to clad an interior or exterior surface.


The facade cladding can be lot of types and materials.


It is widely used in the restaurants, office building, coffee shop and other high-class places.

Safety and Security

Woven metal adds to the overall design safety and security components while maintaining architectural integrity.

Glass lamination

Mesh laminated glass are the laminated glass panels combined with metal, aluminum or stainless steel architectural meshes.