Important Factors Affecting the Quality of Metal Mesh

1. The precision of the mold

If you want to control the quality of metal woven mesh products, first of all, you must maintain a certain accuracy of the product mold. The mold plays a key role in the mesh size of the product itself or the arrangement of the metal woven mesh. The accuracy of the mold can also achieve a leap in the accuracy of its products. Therefore, many details need to be paid attention to when developing metal woven mesh molds.

In the development process of metal woven mesh mold, it must be uniform and reasonable, otherwise, it will lead to large errors. In addition, it can also cause burrs, deformations, and deviations in aperture data to generate cumulative errors. This in turn affects the accuracy of the metal woven mesh.

2. The material quality of the mold

The material that meets the standard should be used as the product mold, which can not only improve the accuracy of the product, but also maintain the stable state of the metal woven mesh during the production process, and it is not easy to cause any damage. Conversely, unqualified materials will cause certain defects to the product, which in turn will affect the quality of the product.

3. Production process and labor

Metal woven mesh products must be equipped with operators who understand the production process during the production operation. This is not only responsible for product quality but also a major factor in improving product accuracy. Therefore, as an operator, you must have an understanding of each process and technology. Only after understanding this knowledge can you provide more protection for product production. Therefore, our company is equipped with highly mechanized production lines and skilled operators from raw materials to finished products.

4. Quality inspection and packaging

All our products are subject to quality inspection, ruler verification and other procedures, and have a complete quality management system. In addition, the products and customized packaging provide an extra layer of protection for the products.

Excellent product quality is inseparable from a rigorous attitude. Gecho strives for excellence in every production process to ensure product quality and add a touch of metallic color to every project.

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