Office metal decorative mesh partition

Metal decorative mesh is made of metal bars or metal cables, and the materials used in metal decorative mesh include metals such as stainless steel and high-strength corrosion-resistant chromium steel. Metal decorative mesh is mostly used in exhibition halls, hotels, luxury living room screens, high-end office buildings, luxury dance halls, business halls, large shopping malls sports centers, etc., metal decorative mesh features built roofs, walls, stairs, railings, etc., metal decorative mesh has an excellent decorative role, together also plays a certain protective role.

Metal decoration net is mainly used in the construction of decoration for outdoor curtain wall, its metal data unique consolidation, so that metal decoration net can easily resist storms and other obscure climate elements invasion, together easy to maintain, metal decorative mesh from a simple appreciation point of view, metal decorative mesh has the characteristics of silk fabrics, metal decorative mesh gives people visual enjoyment, used as indoor roof or partition wall, metal decorative net its raw materials unique permeability and gloss to the space, more aesthetic interest.

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Metal decorative mesh because of its wire and metal lines unique flexibility and gloss, metal decorative mesh also directly created a different today’s metal decoration art style, the color of the curtain is changeable, under the refraction of light, fantasy space is infinite, beautiful view.

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