metal mesh drapery interior partition screen

Most of the metal decorative mesh curtains are woven from stainless steel wire, aluminum wire, iron wire, etc., which are used for indoor or ceiling decoration such as storefronts, living halls, sales centers, etc., and play the role of screens, partitions, ceilings and so on. The metal decorative mesh curtain has good sagging, can be pleated, and can move freely like curtains, and the decorative effect is good. After special surface treatment, high temperature resistance does not fade, the use of light and metal treatment of the color, under the light to present a brilliant effect, bringing people unlimited imagination.

The hotel room then uses metal partition decorative mesh curtain as embellishment and decoration, simple and elegant, very modern style, and then look at the lobby lounge, the pursuit of the ultimate space, purple metal curtain wall mesh curtain embellishment, and the lounge elegant and low-key color converge into a peaceful wine base, allowing you to find a quiet place to enjoy life from busy urban life.

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