Details of Metal Mesh Installation

Details of Metal Mesh Installation

Nowadays, new materials are emerging in an endless stream, and even the old ones can play new tricks. In recent years, the popular metal mesh has been applied more and more in design, and the effects of curtain walls, partitions, ceilings, and walls can all be realized.

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Let us talk about the relevant content of metal mesh installation today:

Metal Mesh Category

The reason why metal mesh is widely used is that it has the characteristics of flame retardancy, light shading, breathability, strong decorative effect, convenient installation, easy cleaning, and durability.

1. Architectural woven metal mesh

This kind of metal woven mesh has a wide range of applications and strong decorative effects, and has become the new favorite of mainstream architectural decoration art.

It can be used for the curtains of high-end buildings, the screen decoration of luxurious living rooms, as well as the interior and exterior decoration of star hotels and high-end office buildings, etc. It will bring a different artistic atmosphere under the light.

3. Stretch net

It can be used for ceiling decoration or screen partition in luxury hotels, star hotels, large shopping malls, high-end office buildings, etc. It is beautiful and generous, and is deeply loved by designers.

Installation of Metal Mesh

1. External curtain wall – rope net installation

The installation of the metal mesh on the outer curtain wall must first install the pendant and support of the mesh. When the length of the metal mesh is greater than 5m, the wind bracing must be added.
Fixing method: Pull out several horizontal stainless steel round rods on the top of the metal mesh, insert a steel rod in the middle of the wire rope, and hang it on the installed pendant.
The lower end of the metal mesh is also threaded through the steel rod, pulled down with a high-strength tension spring or a sleeve rod, and fixed to the supporting connector.

2. Outer curtain wall – conveyor belt installation

When the conveyor belt is installed, the upper and lower steel pipes can be drilled with the same pitch. After the conveyor belt is put into the hole, a steel rod is inserted to complete the connection, and the upper and lower steel pipes can be tightened and fixed.

3. Partition installation

When installing the metal partition net, connect a flat spring with the same pitch at the upper and lower ends of the metal net, and then connect the flat spring to the flat steel with holes of the same pitch. The metal mesh is tightened by tightening the upper and lower flat steels, and the flat steels are fixed up and down in turn.

partition and ceiling

4. Metal mesh curtain installation

When installing the net curtain, reserve a good space according to the size, and install metal chains and pulleys on the upper end of the curtain in sequence. The distance between the pulleys is 15~20cm. After fixing the track to the ceiling, insert the pulleys one by one.

5. Ceiling installation

When installing the suspended ceiling, first install the keel according to the drawing requirements. Adjust the straightness by setting the laser line left and right, and then use self-drilling screws to fix the keel and the ear pieces on the frame together.

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